April 29, 2010

Two new images I'm considering.

Beverly, New Orleans

Leslie, New Orleans

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  1. I much prefer the latter. The space is overwhelmingly one-dimensional in the first image -- my impulse is to photoshop the figure out of it. Not sure what it's role is.
    the latter is stranger and unbelievable. I really like the curving definition of distance that the monorail (?) track makes, contrasted by the framed light on the figure's face. One object wants to deepen the picture, the other wants to flatten it.
    Given that, the obvious things, with time the middle ground is what becomes the most interesting. I really like the yellow curb to the right of her chin, and the shaft of light behind it, and the receding gray expanse to her left.
    I like that the picture isn't about what it pretends to be about (monorail and woman subject), but the space between them.