September 16, 2010

Fotografiskia Gallery has collaborated with Sophie Mörner to present Capricious Select, a group of works by twelve international artists. The Capricious Select Edition consists of twenty-five identical, signed and numbered copies that are printed on demand by Lennart Damgren at Fotografiska. Artists include Andrea Longacre-White, Anne de Vries, Anne Hall, Caitlin Teal Price, Diane Scherer, K8 Hardy, Melanie Bonajo, Emmeline de Mooij, Grant Willing, Sam Falls, Skye Parrott and Santiago Mostyn. For more info on the works for sale, visit theFotografiskia site.

Two images from my "Washed Up" series are for sale.


  1. caitlin. i love this series... are there more images in the series?

  2. Thanks! And, yes there are. If you scroll down on the page you can see more!